Virtual Jeeves... For Those Who Have No Time!

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"...I've been using his team for almost 9 years now, and they've easily saved me lots of money. I can't imagine a better choice."

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D., CEO,
The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc

Virtual Jeeves...

Or Man Friday, or Webmaster... by whatever name you call us, we promise to be your competent and loyal assistant in your online business.

Imagine all you can do with the extra time when all your down-the-line work is efficiently taken care of by Virtual Jeeves!

Picture for yourself your very own 'Webmaster'! Full-time, part-time, or freelance.

  • Whatever happened to your programming work? Provided for.
  • Whatever happened to your article marketing? Attended to.
  • Whatever happened to your customers' queries? Clarified.
  • Skills, you may have. But time, you don't!!
  • Just calculate how much money you'll save - conversely, how much more profit you will make - by focusing on your core business. And how much more time you will have in pursuing more profits!

    You are an expert in your line of business. We are an expert in helping you run it.

    If You have time constraint,

  • either because your business volume is big,
  • or because you have a day job,
  • or becuase domestic work doesn't give you the time to focus on your online business,
  • or because you have no dependable assistant in programming/ content writing/ PPC/ organic SE marketing/ testing,
  • or because you feel the need for continuous support and wish you had the skill-sets/ resources of big business,
  • ...Virtual Jeeves is your answer!

    Our standard rate is $20 per hour, for every type of work. Ask us for a time and cost estimate for your specific work. We'll deliver at the estimated time and cost if the specifications are maintained.

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    Virtual Jeeves is a team of flesh and blood professionals who feel and understand customer needs, in America, Ireland, Hong Kong, and every part of the globe. We are virtual only in terms of our physical presence; we deliver absolutely REAL results.