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"...I've been using his team for almost 9 years now, and they've easily saved me lots of money. I can't imagine a better choice."

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D., CEO,
The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc

"Increase Your Profits,...
By Making Your Website
Mobile Phone Friendly! "

The number of Mobile users browsing sites is already substantial. And soon, it could equal or even exceed the number of PC users browsing sites.

If you're struggling to increase your opt-ins, sales and profits...

Here's a simple and creative way to get this done. Without creating any new product. Without spending a dime on more traffic. Without any JVs. And without having to spend a bomb. You'll be very happy you took the time to read this letter...

What exactly am I talking about? I am simply saying, customize your web page for easy viewing by mobile phone users, and your opt-ins, sales and profits will zoom...

Why Should You Bother So Much About Mobile Users?

The Internet Age is passe. The Mobile age is already upon us. Two out of three people on earth has a mobile;
A few of the key take outs from the video is that over 70% of the worlds population now have a mobile phone, thatís over 5 billion mobile subscribers,...)

you won't find as many people who own a PC. Mobile phones are so inexpensive & easy to buy and use. People have got so hooked on mobiles that they keep exploring their phones all the time. They use their mobile phones to look for any and every kind of info they want. The Mobile Web is increasing in popularity, thanks to faster connectivity and 3G networks, with greater access to content & graphics as well as better user experience, increasing memory size at a lower cost, and increasing handset functionality and data services.

Needless to say, the use of the mobile web is growing at a rapid rate. This trend is clear, given the rise of mobile social networks, mobile video blogging, and mobile search facilities. The internet won't grow quite as fast!

Are you aware that when you advertise through Google Adwords, or promoting your site thru SEO, you are ignoring a large %-age of potential responses That's what you're effectively doing when you have a website that doesn't have a special set of pages for exclusive viewing by mobile users.

Let's face it. Even our conventional landing pages and sales pages produce only a minuscule %-age of responses. At best, one in a hundred or one in a thousand buys from typical sales pages. Many don't even have give your site a cursory glance; they are simply too busy.

The Mobile web may be fun, but not quite so when you have to view the same content as you see on your computer screen! It can be painful having to scroll up, down, and sideways, and end up viewing blank screens, most of the times. By the time you read to the end of a sentence, you'd probably have forgotten the first part. Most people surfing the web using their mobiles have an unsatisfactory experience. So, if you can make your site good enough for viewing on their mobiles, they are more likely to 'opt in' to your list, look up to you as an expert, and even buy from you through their mobile!

Mobile users want to see 'executive summaries', not cluttered web pages. Unless your site delivers just that, you've not only lost them, but probably given them an unpleasant user experience to boot. You may be better off not showing them your pages.

But give them the 'executive summary' they want, and they are more likely to take decisive action than PC users surfing the web. In fact, you may be surprised to discover that your mobile pages convert better than your regular pages.

But creating mobile sites cost you quite a lot,... till recently. It's now possible to have interactive & visually impressive mobile web pages with text wrapping, opt-in forms, comprehensive sales pages (from ordering to completion of the sale), adsense ads, polls, and PDF file downloading and reading facilities. At an incredible low cost.


Try viewing your site thru your mobile, and you'll know. Next, try viewing my site created for both the computer and mobile users, employing a revolutionary new low cost method. You'll see the difference!


No, it's not that simple! It's a lot of manual work, by content and mobile programmers.


Just $197. Even if you were to pay someone by the hour, you can't get it done so inexpensively.


Your mobile pages will be up for viewing typically in 1 week

At Virtual Jeeves, we are a team of flesh and blood professionals who feel and understand customer needs, in America, Ireland, Hong Kong, and every other part of the globe. We are virtual only in terms of our physical presence; we deliver absolutely REAL results.

Why Would You Choose Us To Make Our Website Mobile Friendly?

We Are Professional, Reliable And Trustworthy

When you look for professional help to make your website mobile friendly, you can find a lot of vendors willing to work at low prices. But what good are low prices if your work doesn't get finished? Or if there are serious mistakes? Or if so much overtime is required to complete it to your specifications that it costs you a fortune anyway? Believe me, we learned this the hard way, ourselves.

We Believe In Providing Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is CRITICAL - we learned this the hard way, too. Ever since, we have always carefully looked over all our projects and stood by our work!

We Can Improve The Mobile Readiness Score Of Your Mobile Pages From 1 to 3 Or Even 4 (Out Of 5)

The site provides the mobile readiness of pages on a score 0f 1 to 5. Chances are your site will have a score of just 1. We can improve your mobile pages' score to 3+.

Take a look at the screenshots below that show the score both before and after our improving the mobile pages for 3 Sample sites:

Mobile Readiness of TlgOnline
- Before

Mobile Readiness of TlgOnline
- After

Mobile Readiness of
Virtual Jeeves - Before

Mobile Readiness of
Virtual Jeeves - After

Mobile Readiness of
All About Wastewater Treatment
- Before

Mobile Readiness of
All About Wastewater Treatment
- After

We are Professionally Organized And Expandable

A lone vendor might be able to handle a few small projects, ... but what if too many clients want their work done, and they vendor is too busy to handle your work?

At Virtual Jeeves, we maintain a team of approximately 20 people ready to do your bidding, and are easily able to handle your needs.

We Are Reasonably Priced And Very Fair

We Always Stand By Our Work

No matter how hard you try, problems are always par for the course. But we can honestly say that at Virtual Jeeves, we have NEVER left any customer hanging. We have never caused any customer to waste money; we've always left our customer's feeling that they've gotten more than they paid for

See these sample pages:

  • TLGOnline
  • Virtual Jeeves
  • All About Wastewater Treatment
  • Here's What We Will Do For You

    We will completely amend your site content to convert it into Executive Summary format and make your website mobile friendly, by:

  • Making the write-ups snappy and compelling
  • Eliminating clutter
  • Allowing for easy navigation
  • Facilitating speedy browsing
  • Ensuring ease of contact by the customer
  • Getting the customer to opt-in for your newsletter (or whatever)
  • Even selling your products/ services to the customer, thru the mobile itself!!!
  • In short, we will get your marketing message across to the largest potential audience, in the easiest way possible!

    THE FIRST STEP YOU NEED TO TAKE IS A COMPLETE NO BRAINER. Just fill out the form below and you'll get a communication directly from us within 3 business days. The benefits FAR outweigh the costs because:

    How long does it take to fill out the form?
    How much money are you leaving on the table by not having mobile pages?
    How much could you save by getting a trustworthy, reliable, professional on board early on, at such a low cost?
    Do you really want to risk leaving your site mobile-unfriendly?

    But Before You Fill Out The Form, Let's Be Sure We're On The Same Page, OK?

    First, working with an Indian vendor isn't for everyone.
    You can't normally lift the phone and talk to us. Our work hours are different. And for a small job like this, we can't afford to spend time talking on the phone. (It's well worth the trade off, but you really should know the trade off if you're going to go into this well informed).

    There ARE benefits too -- email your work requirements to us and your work will be done in the time we promise.

    Fair enough?





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    IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't undertake jobs promoting pornography, gambling, weapons, smoking, online pharmacies, and other topic areas which he is personally and professionally uncomfortable with. If you're not sure whether he would handle your subject, please write to him in the form above seeking clarification.


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    Virtual Jeeves is a team of flesh and blood professionals who feel and understand customer needs, in America, Ireland, Hong Kong, and every part of the globe. We are virtual only in terms of our physical presence; we deliver absolutely REAL results.