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"...I've been using his team for almost 9 years now, and they've easily saved me lots of money. I can't imagine a better choice."

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D., CEO,
The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc

PPC (Pay Per Click) Services

PPC (Pay Per Click), in general, and Google Adwords, in particular, are our key area of expertise in internet marketing, though we are good at other forms of internet marketing as well.

Our Expertise:

Google could charge you anywhere ranging from $0.01 to as high as $20.00 (CPC: cost per click). Your CPC depends on several factors, some internal to your site and some external.

Different keywords and different ads could convert to sale differently. You may get as high as 1 sale per 3 clicks, or 1 sale for 3000 clicks.

Hence, you may, in real life, be able to get a sale for just $5, or for $500, depending on how well you have set up your Adwords as a complete system.

Also, if you're smart you could make plenty of sales, or very few. The more sales you make at low cost per sale, the more profits you make. The fewer sales you make with the same clicks at a high CPC, you may make losses (or at best very little profifts).

So, Google Adwords (and other PPC systems) reward the efficient phenomenally, and punish the inefficient hard too.

Anyone can start advertising on their own. But they would need expertise in keeping the costs low, and converting well to sales.

With our expertise, we can normally cut down your CPC by 75%. Imagine cutting down your ad costs by 75%. We could do that for you.

And we can also help increase your sales conversion by 100% if not more. Imagine what a 100% increase in sales conversion could do for you, in addition.

How We Work:

We create Campaigns and ads for the client after understanding their business and their target market. We do keyword research and identify keywords which their prospective clients may search for, based on historical statistical searches. Also, we create such ads that interested people are made to take notice and click.

After a prospect clicks on an ad, she/ he comes to the client's website. This page should do the job of a powerful salesperson, which most sales pages don't. Flashy and jazzy pages don't sell; sales pages should be created based on sales expertise, which we have. Just a 5% increase in sales conversion will increase the sales by 5% at no additional cost. A 100% increase sales conversion would mean doubling your sales at no extra ad cost.

Google Adwords was launched by Google in 2000 and is undergoing frequent improvements and changes. We help our clients' ads to be in sync with the changes being made constantly by Google.

Once an ad campaign is created and starts running, we make sure that we monitor your Adwords account on a daily basis and tweak and optimise the campaigns (ads, keywords and the pages) to make sure that the costs are continuously reduced and conversion is increased regularly.

We also help existing Google Adwords clients reduce their costs and increase sales significantly, and help them achieve much higher sales at much lower costs.

We have so far handled over 100 Ad Campaings of diverse products.

Recently, we got an order of about $2 Million for wastewater treatment in Africa for one of the companies in India, by advertising through Google Adwords.

Click here for a few Indian Google Adwords Success Stories.

Please contact us through Help Desk, describing your exact requirement. We'll answer your questions, and give you a quote within 3 working days.

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