"...I've been using his team for almost 9 years now, and they've easily saved me lots of money. I can't imagine a better choice."

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D., CEO,
The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc

Virtual Jeeves is a nosey-parker with a difference. We poke our nose into others' business,... with their consent.

The only work we do is minding other people's business. That part of your business, which is not its soul. We encourage you to define your business and stick to managing it. Virtual Jeeves will be your virtual partner working with you to ensure that your business is a greater success.

For years, the only thing we have been doing is to communicate. Whether it is through newsletters, advertisement or sales copy, mailers, correspondence, website content or articles on various subjects, communication is our specialty.

A division of eZynes Communications Private Limited based in Chennai, India, we have more than twenty qualified & trained professionals: writers, programmers, designers, webmasters and assistants. We serve clients mainly in the US (though not by design). Ganesan Subramanian, the Promoter-CEO has over 30 years of experience in IT, Education & Training, Research, and Internet Marketing lines of business.

Our Goal Is To Help Your Business Prosper.

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inquiry@virtualjeeves.com for more details.

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Virtual Jeeves is a team of flesh and blood professionals who feel and understand customer needs, in America, Ireland, Hong Kong, and every part of the globe. We are virtual only in terms of our physical presence; we deliver absolutely REAL results.