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"...I have used many different companies over the years and Virtual Jeeves is head and shoulders above the rest. "

Brett Adkins
Founder and CEO
eHub LLC

Web/ Graphic Design Services

Our skills are mainly centered around Photoshop, CorelDRAW, PageMaker, and 'low-end Flash'.

Our Web/ Graphic Design skills are limited to low-end work. For example, if you give us a web page template (or if you want us to identify a good template and buy it on your behalf), and host your content using that template, we could do it. We could even create the typical blog kind of templates. However, we're not the right designers when it comes to big ticket design work.

We have an ongoing professional relationship with an ad agency which has expertise in high-end web/ graphic design work. If you want, we could get your work done by them. Naturally, you'll pay their fees.

Please contact us through Help Desk, describing your exact requirement. We'll reply/ quote within 1 working day.

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Virtual Jeeves is a team of flesh and blood professionals who feel and understand customer needs, in America, Ireland, Hong Kong, and every part of the globe. We are virtual only in terms of our physical presence; we deliver absolutely REAL results.