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Brett Adkins
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Market Research Services

We undertake primary research and secondary research assignments.

Primary research is generally costly, but it could be done extremely cost effectively, if the topic is amenable to online execution, or the objective of the research is determine how to sell one's products/ services online most profitably. Tell us explaining your requirements, and we'll reply, normally within 1 working day, whether your research could be done cost-effectively online, and its limitations, if any.

A lot of valuable information on most research problems exists already in every industry (be it pharma, FMCG, fashion, education, or whatever), if you only know where to look! This involves secondary research, which costs less.

Our researchers are trained to collect information from public and private sources. The research could be about products/ services, their market prices, entry barriers for new entrants, identification of opportunity space, financial performance of existing players, etc.

We use ingenious tools (internet/ computer-based) to collect information, process and interpret it, and present the findings as an incisive, narrative, analytical report, quickly.

Please contact us through Help Desk, describing your exact requirement. We'll reply/ quote within 1 working day.

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