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"Outsourcing overseas can be a nightmare. I know, ... I've experienced it. So I was extremely nervous to place mission critical tasks with Virtual Jeeves. But my anxiety proved to be entirely unfounded. Ganesan and his team have been incredibly professional, reliable, intelligent, and organized.
More importantly, if there is a problem, he always stands behind his work and makes it right, no questions asked. I've been using his team for almost 9 years now, and they've easily saved me lots of money. I can't imagine a better choice."

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.
CEO, The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc.

If you are looking to take advantage of outsourcing, Virtual Jeeves is a company you need to look at.

I have used many different companies over the years and Virtual Jeeves is head and shoulders above the rest. You may find what initially appear to be cheaper solutions, but they will always cost you more in the long run.

Virtual Jeeves includes a project manager in your hourly rate, and that is a huge advantage.They have handled every single project I have sent their way, always on time and on budget.

They have my highest recommendation!

Brett Adkins
Founder and CEO
eHub LLC

"Virtual Jeeves has broken the code on how to provide effective, high-value technical services. They have excellent technical abilities, but what really separates them from many others is the way they manage their projects.

One person is the project manager, and really important is the fact that he is a good communicator. He clarifies the project need from our limited technical understanding, then communicates what is needed with the technical talent. It works very well.

A number of times, already, I have been startled to wake up in the morning and realize how much they accomplished overnight! I highly recommend Virtual Jeeves!"

Ed Oakley, Founder & CEO
Enlightened Leadership Solutions
& Making Managers into Leaders Institute


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Virtual Jeeves is a team of flesh and blood professionals who feel and understand customer needs, in America, Ireland, Hong Kong, and every part of the globe. We are virtual only in terms of our physical presence; we deliver absolutely REAL results.