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Sales Maximizer Test Services

Beyond Split Testing...

This is a UNIQUE service - we help you maximize your sales through tests, I'm almost sure you've never tried.

What kind of increase in sales are we talking about? Almost always at least 25%, but typically 40% to 100%.

Sounds incredible? Read on...

You may have heard the famous song, "There's A Hole In The Bucket Lizza..." sung and popularized by Harry Belafonte and Odetta?

The 'hole in the bucket' and the impracticality to plug the hole' are true of even the best of marketing systems. Lucikly, it's easily possible to fix the 'hole' in internet market systems, not so easy with brick & mortar systems. Let's see how.

You know there are several factors in your landing page and sales page that could be tweaked, just a little bit,... that could increase your sales by 5% to 25% (or even more).

For example, the sales page could be rendered with several variations of...Font, Template, Main Headline Copy, Main Headline Color, Main Headline Point Size, Main Image, Subheadline Copy, Testimonial presentation, Body copy size, Your Story & Its presentation, Payment Options presentation, Guarantee Copy, Guarantee, Image/ Text, Order Image/ Text,... and what have you.

Imagine testing only 4 of these factors, with 3 options of each, and finding that... up goes your sales by 44%.

(Assuming 25%, 5%, 0% and 10% sales increase due to identification of the best of the options for Main Headline Copy, Main Image, Story & Its presentation, and Payment Methods presentation.) [44% Increase because, (1.25X1.05X1X1.1)-1 = 1.44].

But how can you test 3 combinations of 4 variables at the same time? The answer is, 'You Can'!

Won't it take for ever, and won't it be impractical? No. By creating just 9 sales pages (with a combination of all these variables), it is possible to test them all in one go, and find out which combination will maximize your sales.

This is just an example. More variables and options can be tested, simultaneously, though it may increase the test duration to get reliable results.

Coming under 'statistics' and 'design of experiments', such experiments are being secretly used by the top internet marketing experts regularly in maximizing their sales and profits.

Typical increase in sales that you could expect is 25% to 100%, but even 400% or more is possible. This Sales Maximizer Testing has scope and power beyond the split testing that you'd be aware of.

Please contact us through Help Desk, describing your exact requirement. We'll answer your questions, and give you a quote within 1 working day.

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